Standard Service Plans

To get the most out of your instrument, regular tuning and service is required.  Choose a service plan below to ensure a lifetime of outstanding musical performance. Each service visit will last approximately 2 hours.

  • Premium Service Plan (3 Appts.)

    We recommend the Premium Service Plan for the absolute best care for your instrument. The plan includes 3 service appointments by a Steinway-approved technician, our best value! If your piano is used regularly each week, this is the...

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  • Standard Service Plan (2 Appts.)

    Our Standard Service Plan offers the same level of service as our Premium Plan, but includes 2 service appointments. This plan ensures that your instrument will receive excellent care from our expert Steinway-approved piano technicians. As...

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  • One-Time Service Appointment

    Take advantage of easy-to-use payment and scheduling by purchasing a one-time service appointment for your instrument. As with our Service Plan options, your appointment will begin with an initial assessment of the pitch, touch and tone of the...

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