Our Piano Tuners


"My piano sounds incredible. I'm hearing clarity of tone I don't think I've ever heard. My playing is so much more precise, more layered and so much cleaner. I'm now getting reacquainted with my Steinway and I can't thank you enough! When I play my hands feel 30 years younger!"

--Brian N., La Habra Heights, CA

The piano tuners in our network offer the highest level of service. We have worked with them extensively and they have attended special training classes at the Steinway factory in New York. Collectively, they are among the best in their field and have many years of experience. Our piano tuners are the same tuners that work on pianos in prestigious concert venues and recording studios — and for some of the world's greatest musicians.

Every piano tuner in our network has been thoroughly vetted by Steinway & Sons. The experience of each technician is evaluated and his or her professional status is verified. 

If you own a Spirio, we will assign a Spirio-trained technician to service your instrument. Spirio calibration training is highly specialized, and involves the regulation of electronic components to ensure performance accuracy.




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